Launching Loop


The Launch Sequence has following steps:

  • The Points Program to bootstrap ETH liquidity

  • The Protocol Launch

  • The Token Launch and Airdrop

Launch Sequence

The Points Program - ETH Bootstrapping

The Loop protocol requires borrowable liquidity (i.e., ETH) which will be sourced from the Loop Points Program. The Points Program incentivizes users to lock ETH or Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRT) into the protocol. In exchange for that, users earn points. Points translate to a share of the 7% Airdrop at TGE.

There are 3 epochs to the Points Program, two before and one after the protocol launches.

The Protocol Launch

The protocol launches with the conclusion of the second epoch. The go-live of the Loop protocol is enabling users looping Pendle Restaking LP Tokens and generating real yield for the protocol. The revenue flows to the lpETH stakers.

The protocol first launches without the LOOP token and consequently without the option to Boost or earn APR in the dLP.

The Token Launch

The token will launch with an Airdrop. Among all participants of the points program, 7% are distributed with a linear conversion rate.

With the token launch, the protocol unlocks its final form. If Loopers want to receive LOOP emissions to recoup the interest they are paying, they can lock 5% of their Total Position Size in the dLP (LOOP-lpETH LP token). This results in buy-side pressure and deep liquidity for the LOOP token.

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